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Episode 204: Sinking the Vandenberg
In the turquoise blue waters of the Florida Keys, a new attraction is drawing scuba divers from around the world: The USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg. The Vandenberg is the world’s second largest intentionally sunk shipwreck.

Prior to being sunk, this mighty ship transported troops to the battlefields of World War II, carried European refugees to distant shores, and later helped win the Cold War. Left abandoned for years as part of a ghost fleet, the Vandenberg has at last found her final resting place – seven miles off Key West, in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

In her last mission as an artificial reef, this massive ship is already attracting a variety of fish and other marine life. Now, natural resources managers are trying to determine what impact this artificial reef has on fish populations and the health of the surrounding natural reefs.

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