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Episode 601: Living Fossils
In the deep, dark waters off the coast of Roatan, Honduras, strange flowerlike animals flourish. These sea lilies and feather stars, known as Crinoids, have been around in various forms since before the age of dinosaurs. Experts from Nova Southeastern University and the University of Michigan are working together to gather basic information about the life history of crinoids, such as how long they live and how fast they grow. To gain access to the animals, they brave the ocean depths onboard “Idabel”, a submersible based in Roatan’s West End. Sub builder and pilot Karl Stanley has extensive knowledge of the areas he can access with “Idabel,” making it possible for the scientists to return to the same spots year after year to study the animals. This ability to study crinoids over an extended time period will result in new knowledge about these mysterious animals that flourish far removed from our human world.


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Cocolobo at Seagrape Plantation
Cocolobo at Seagrape Plantation
West End, Roatan, Honduras
+(504) 9898-4510

Tranquilseas Eco Lodge and Dive Center
Tranquilseas Eco Lodge
and Dive Center

Carretera Principal, Sandy Bay 33166
Roatan, Honduras
+(504) 2407-2070


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